California Court of Appeals Rules Digital-Only Retail Businesses Not Covered by Unruh Civil Rights Act – JD Supra | Pharmicx

On August 1, 2022, the California State Circuit Court of Appeals, in Martinez v. Cot’n Wash, Inc.resolved two outstanding website accessibility issues in a way that narrowed the reach of the Unruh Civil Rights Act (Unruh Act) as part of growing judicial resistance to an onslaught of website accessibility lawsuits. First, the court noted that … Read more

TechCrunch+ Roundup: Down-Funnel Growth Metrics, RIF Planning, Is Ecommerce Aggregation Over? – TechCrunch | Pharmicx

In the Katamari Damacy video game, players control an avatar that rolls a sticky ball that catches everything it touches. The goal is to create a sphere big enough to become a star or moon. Ecommerce aggregators work the same way, buying smaller brands and then optimizing their manufacturing and distribution channels to increase market … Read more

UFC President Dana White plans no raises – ‘These guys are getting paid what they’re supposed to earn’ – ESPN | Pharmicx

UFC President Dana White says fighter pay in the organization won’t change dramatically in his current position, telling GQ in a video released Thursday that he believes fighters are “paid what they’re supposed to earn.” . The issue of fighter pay has been a hot topic in MMA for years and has been pushed further … Read more

Global Point of Sale Terminals Market Report (2022-2027) – Players include Ingenico, PAX Technology, Micros System and Cisco Systems among others – Yahoo Finance | Pharmicx

DUBLIN, August 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Global Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminal Market (2022 Edition) – Analysis by Product Type (Fixed POS, Wireless POS), Component Type, Application, By Region, By Country: Market Insights and Forecast with Impact of COVID-19 (2022-2027)” was added Offer. Research and market logo Global POS Terminals Market has been rated as … Read more

Richland’s Reach Museum emerges leaner and stronger from pandemic – | Pharmicx

The Reach Museum survived the pandemic, grew visitor numbers above pre-pandemic levels, celebrated its eighth anniversary, and looked to the future with hopes of expanding its Richland facility overlooking the Columbia River. “This is truly a milestone for us,” said Rosanna Sharpe, Executive Director. The museum met its goals before the Covid-19 pandemic forced it … Read more

brew dr Kombucha – Chief Supply Chain Officer – Beverage Industry Jobs – | Pharmicx

Position summary: The CSCO will provide holistic, strategic, end-to-end supply chain leadership and operational accountability to develop an effective supply chain that enables accelerated growth and significantly greater scale. This new role will oversee the entire supply chain organization including sourcing, production planning, manufacturing (brewery operations), occupational safety, inventory management, warehousing, sales and logistics, customer … Read more

State says Oregon’s insurers have no plans to use controversial wildfire risk map in their decisions – KTVZ | Pharmicx

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) – Insurance companies in Oregon have not used the state’s controversial wildfire risk map in their decision-making and have no current plans to use it, according to data released Friday by the Oregon Division of Financial Regulation. During informal discussions prior to the release of the state’s wildfire risk map, insurers told … Read more

Next owner promises to bring “the best resources” to the Western & Southern Open – WCPO 9 Cincinnati | Pharmicx

MASON, Ohio — The next owner of the Western & Southern Open says he wants to write “the next chapter” of the Cincinnati tournament. But his press release doesn’t mention any specific plans for the event, which bills itself as the oldest American tennis tournament still held in its city of origin. The WCPO 9 … Read more

Visionary Planning for IT Modernization: The Key to Next-Generation IT Services – Healthcare IT News | Pharmicx

Michael Marshall is a principal at Booz Allen Hamilton for the IT modernization and transformation of the federal healthcare market. This blog is co-authored with Nikul Pandya, Director at Booz Allen Hamilton for Cybersecurity in the Federal Healthcare Market, including Zero Trust concepts. Technological progress is accelerating at such a pace today that we need … Read more