A freelancer who’s worked for Netflix and Google shares his tips – Business Insider | Pharmicx

Jamie Brindle has been a 15-year freelancer and co-founder of Brindlescotch Pictures in LA. He gives his social media followers advice on managing money, scheduling, and scope creep. His tips include setting prices above average and using disadvantages to your advantage. Many new freelancers struggle when starting out. Jamie Brindle, a 15-year freelancer, is available … Read more

An interview with “Hila the Killa”, eco-rapper and climate clown – Columbia University | Pharmicx

An interview with “Hila the Killa”, eco-rapper and climate clown by Pascale Deau |August 16, 2022 Hila Perry, known as “Hila The Killa” on TikTok, describes herself as an eco-rapper, climate clown and “edutainer”. Photo courtesy of Hila Perry Hila Perry, 32, known as “Hila The Killa,” is an eco-rapper. Her recent video “Wet A** … Read more

How the Trials of Maternity Inspired This Ad-Sales Exec to Launch a Flexibility-Based Hiring Platform | Inc.com – Inc. | Pharmicx

Stephanie Nadi Olson began her meteoric career in ad sales when Microsoft recruited her directly from Georgia Tech as its youngest account manager. At 28, she claimed a seat on the board of directors in Silicon Valley. Raising a family amid the constant stress of her job, she saw how the structure of the traditional … Read more

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If you’re worried about economic volatility, you’re not alone. A recent survey by Magnify Money found that seven in 10 Americans expect a recession, and 59% expect it to happen within the next six months. The survey also found that more than two-thirds of respondents feel unprepared. As economists and politicians debate the current state … Read more

Is Remote Work Killing the American Dream? | News | salemnews.com – The Salem News | Pharmicx

A new study shows that remote work is driving housing costs up across the country, accounting for more than half of the total post-pandemic price hike. The Great Restructuring shows no signs of slowing down, leading some people to question the myth of the American Dream. Where are we going? Was it ever really there? … Read more

US study shows male freelancers pay almost three times as much as women – Women’s Agenda | Pharmicx

Women working in the US gig economy are paid far less than their male counterparts, according to a new study this week that found the gender pay gap for self-employed women is almost three times that for full-time employees. The study, conducted by Austin-based business formation services provider ZenBusiness, shows that male freelancers, on average, … Read more

Biden Department of Labor seeks to redefine independent contractors – City Journal | Pharmicx

The Biden administration took office with a far-reaching union agenda enshrined in the PRO Act that would have rewritten key elements of decades-old American labor law. However, stymied in Congress, the government now appears likely to impose at least one component of this workplace legislation through a Department of Labor regulation that would narrow the … Read more