Summer Isn’t Over Yet — You Can Still Rent That RV or Boat — Los Angeles Times | Pharmicx

It feels like summer has only just begun, but it’s almost over. For many families, this is the key to stepping on the gas during the summer holidays. These last-minute vacationers are an opportunity for side hustles who can capitalize on last summer’s recommendations. These websites will help you rent out your stuff or services … Read more

This entrepreneur gets paid to fill in as your bridesmaid – New York Post | Pharmicx

Before you have a wedding crisis — well, Bajillion — give Jen Glantz, the 34-year-old founder of Bridesmaid for Hire, a call. She is based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, ready to serve brides and grooms across the country. Since leaving her job as a copywriter at a tech startup in 2014, Glantz has been a full-time … Read more

AWS Improves Amazon’s Results in Q2 2022 – Practical E-Commerce | Pharmicx

Amazon’s financial results for the quarter ended June 30, like many other e-commerce retailers and platforms, were impacted by the slowdown in consumer online shopping. The company acknowledged inflationary cost pressures, particularly in the supply chain. Additionally, Prime Day 2021 took place in Q2, but in Q3 this year, wiping out a boost in sales … Read more

The other obstacle to development – banker & trader | Pharmicx

The City of Malden established an Office for Strategic Planning and Community Development in 2021 following a surge in multi-family and life science development in recent years. Pictured is Quaker Lane Capital’s 188,000 square foot 11 Dartmouth office laboratory project, which was approved last year. Image courtesy of Gensler Apartment buildings and large-scale commercial projects … Read more

OUTLOOK: Fiber Fun In the ‘Sip Returns to Vicksburg Convention Center – The Vicksburg Post – Vicksburg Post | Pharmicx

After being on hiatus for two years due to the pandemic, Fiber Fun In The ‘Sip returns with all the entertainment, classes, vendors and excitement that made the event a success. “It’s really great to be back,” said Judy Busby, organizer of Fiber Fun In The ‘Sip. “And it will be fun to see previous … Read more

We went on a Lanternfly-Killing Rampage. You are still here. – The New York Times | Pharmicx

Last week, this reporter noticed a pretty moth on a flower outside a window. Upon closer inspection, the suspicion was confirmed: It was a spotted lanternfly, an invasive insect that New Yorkers have been ordered by scientists to mercilessly kill. It’s now clear that the lanternflies, which can wreak havoc on crops like grapes and … Read more

Gig Economy and Gen Z are Changing the Face of Customer Service – Business Chief North America | Pharmicx

According to that New York Times, Gen Zs — or the “TikTok” generation — delegate to their bosses, work at a pace they want, and set their own schedule. Not to mention the cliche “Generation Z employees are notoriously loud about wanting better working conditions than previous generations. They demand higher pay and more flexibility.” … Read more