Kuwait Business: Family businesses advance renewable energy and resilience – Gulf Digital News | Pharmicx

Entrepreneurial orientation, socio-emotional richness and motivational leadership have been identified as the three key elements that family businesses use for their long-term sustainability, resilience and regenerative capacity. In the Global Family Business Report 2022, KPMG and the STEP Project Global Consortium found that entrepreneurial orientation is highest in the Middle East and Africa and the … Read more

Prepare your child for back to school with these retail offers – Gulf Business | Pharmicx

With schools reopening for the new school year, parents are busy preparing their children for the start of school. From new school uniforms to stationery, summer isn’t complete without shopping before the new school year begins. The UAE’s leading retailers have plenty of deals and offers for those ready to go back to school later … Read more

Mycofest highlights wide range of mushrooms – Times News Online – tnonline.com | Pharmicx

A large percentage of Americans’ experience of mushrooms doesn’t extend beyond what they’ve eaten on a pizza or omelette. But there is a growing community interested in the wide range of mushrooms with culinary and medicinal uses. A gathering outside of Tamaqua last weekend drew hundreds of them. Mycofest, held at Stonehedge Gardens, featured speakers, … Read more

Innovation Time: How Israeli Startups Foster Innovation – Geektime | Pharmicx

Startups need to be laser focused to be successful in their competitive environment. They must fight to bring their products to market and ensure that their work adds value to their customers. Unfortunately, startups in the initial phase are usually overwhelmed with a mountain of technical debt and backlogged tasks and suffer from a chronic … Read more

How we transformed a small rural village into Italy’s first digital nomad community – Euronews | Pharmicx

When we stumbled across the rural village of Tursi in January 2022, we knew we were going to hit the jackpot. With a cooperation Place in a converted 16th century monasteryThis Italian Idylle was the perfect place to launch our start-up. Our vision? Bring digital nomad communities to our country undetected gems. A digital nomad … Read more

WVU College of Law Aims for Full Return to Normal in 2022-23 – WV News | Pharmicx

WVU College of Law faculty hope it is as close as possible to a “normal” academic year in the world that has existed since the arrival of COVID. West Virginia University It’s been a minute since West Virginia University College of Law students had a full academic year free of any COVID restrictions. There is … Read more

Strategic Purpose Catches This New Substance Away From Profitable – PW-Philadelphia Weekly | Pharmicx

Strategic purpose intercepts this new substance from profitability At the same time, right intention is more than just unhindered striving. (Many companies have an ambitious intention, but it does not meet the requirements.) The theory also includes a working management process, where the desire of a new company is centered on your profit and someone … Read more