Amid Inflation, President Biden Should Refocus Efforts on Expanding Flexible Careers for Americans – The Hill | Pharmicx

With inflation outstripping wages and tens of millions of unfilled jobs, Americans are still adjusting to the disruptions of the past two years while fearing what the future holds. Despite the public’s primary focus on finding a solid economic footing during these turbulent times, the Biden administration has continued to advance a broader agenda that … Read more

IT companies attack gig workers as high turnover rates bite | Mint – mint | Pharmicx

Collectively referred to as the “Gig workforce,” these employees are equipped with specialized technical skills to complete upcoming digital projects and fill new roles that IT organizations need. Software service companies such as Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Infosys Ltd. and Wipro reported high turnover rates in their quarterly earnings calls in June. Regulatory filings showed … Read more