IT companies attack gig workers as high turnover rates bite | Mint – mint | Pharmicx

Collectively referred to as the “Gig workforce,” these employees are equipped with specialized technical skills to complete upcoming digital projects and fill new roles that IT organizations need. Software service companies such as Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Infosys Ltd. and Wipro reported high turnover rates in their quarterly earnings calls in June. Regulatory filings showed … Read more

Workers turn to freelance work during pandemic – AARP | Pharmicx

As the coronavirus pandemic fueled widespread unemployment and layoffs this year, more people turned to full-time freelance work to make money, according to a new survey. Freelance is the term used to describe the variety of ways people can work outside of traditional employment. These include side jobs that people do in addition to their … Read more

Here are 10 side gigs that will add extra cash to your wallet – | Pharmicx

Whether you’re an engineer, entrepreneur, doctor, actor, journalist, or some other profession, there’s a hidden talent, creative outlet, or hobby that inspires you. WIf you are good at something and enjoy doing it, why not monetize it? What’s better than earning some extra cash by turning it into a side job? Sounds interesting right? Here … Read more