Thousands of rideshare drivers are still on the move despite the suspension of the mandatory online course – Toronto Star | Pharmicx

Almost a month after the city suspended accreditation of a required course For taxi and driver workers who have been undertrained due to concerns, thousands of drivers who participated in the program remain licensed to carry passengers. On July 8, the city revoked its approval of an online-only course offered by a company called DRVR … Read more

Innocent tweet about Destiny 2 online game sparked chilling campaign of death threats and doxing – Waterloo Region Record | Pharmicx

An innocent tweet about a hugely popular online multiplayer game sparked a chilling real-world campaign of doxing and death threats against employees of gaming company Bungie Inc. Two employees of Bungie, the American company behind “Destiny 2” – a first-person shooter with 40 million users – recently convinced an Ontario judge to order Waterloo-based TextNow … Read more