China’s Xi Jinping plans to meet US President Biden in November – Business Standard | Pharmicx

Chinese officials plan for President Xi Jinping to visit Southeast Asian countries in November and meet in person with US President Joe Biden, The Wall Street Journal reported. This visit comes after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, which angered the Chinese government and in response launched a military … Read more

Thailand lures long-term digital nomads with 10-year work visas from Thailand and an extremely low tax rate – Fortune | Pharmicx

The sandy beaches of Phuket, the busy streets of Bangkok and the mountains of Chiang Mai could soon be options for digital nomads looking for their next home. Thailand will soon be offering a 10-year visa to potential long-term residents, with applications open from September 1. The program hopes to attract “high-potential and skilled foreign … Read more

Why the Digital Nomad Visa Can Be Just What You Need – Forbes | Pharmicx

Being a digital nomad is a new lifestyle that has been gaining popularity in recent years (photo by … [+] EyesWideOpen/Getty Images) Getty Images Oddly enough, the Covid-19 pandemic has produced a new generation of entrepreneurs: one who has learned to make a living digitally, who has a laptop and is equipped to work anywhere, … Read more