In Pursuit of Continuous Planning – Financial Transformation Lessons from Planful Clients – Diginomica | Pharmicx

(© nopporn – Shutterstock) For nearly ten years, the diginomica team has been pushing into transformational stories in a valiant attempt to separate customer gold from seller hype. Two big lessons: As a catchphrase, “transformation” is loaded as they come. Transformations have a way of missing the mark – and the org chart changes rapidly … Read more

BT Turns to Global Online Freelance IT Talents to Solve the Digital Skills Crisis – Diginomica | Pharmicx

(Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay) BT Group – which is facing a slew of challenges this week including mixed financial results and a work stoppage – may have a medium-term solution to at least some of its problems: improving access to IT talent via a global community of freelance software developers and workers to … Read more